October 26, 2019

The 8 1/2” BHA will be run in hole at approximately 22.00 hours tonight. New formation will be drilled during the night. The reservoir section is planned drilled in the morning hours of 27 October.

As illustrated in the well schematic published on 18 October, this 8 ½” hole section will be drilled down to and through the Rogn Formation reservoir to assess the size of any remaining oil accumulation in this part of the Draugen Field. The reservoir is prognosed to be encountered at approximately 1635m TVD and the well will be drilled approximately a further 100m deeper into the Garn Formation. 

Following the completion of the well, it will be plugged and abandoned, and the rig will return to the Skumnisse location for continued drilling of that appraisal well (6407/9-12), which was commenced prior to drilling of the Infill Ø well. 



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