September 13, 2019

Reference is made to the general incentive program established by OKEA ASA ("OKEA" or the "company"), which is based on certain defined key performance indicators and requires that cash bonuses awarded under the program is used to acquire shares in the company. In connection with such awards, OKEA will facilitate the corresponding purchases of existing shares in OKEA by employees of the company. The purchases will be managed by Pareto Securities AS and is estimated to comprise an amount up to approx. NOK 7 million in aggregate. The purchases may be conducted in the open market on Oslo Børs or in negotiated transactions. The company will on an ongoing basis announce the number of any shares acquired, as well as the price paid (high, low, average). There is no time limit on completion of the purchases.

The following primary insider will acquire shares as part of this purchase (percentage of total acquired volume in brackets): Erik Haugane (1.69 %), Tor Bjerkestrand (1.35 %), Kjersti Hovdal (1.20 %), Ola Borten Moe (1.20 %), Anton Ernst Tronstad (1.20 %), Andrew James McCann (1.10 %), Ida Ianssen Lundh (0.75 %), Marit Vik-Langlie (0.75 %), Ragnhild Aas (0.72 %), Anne Lene Rømuld (0.68 %), Frank Stensland (0.63 %), Bjørn Pettersen (0.61 %), Jan Atle Johansen (0.37 %) og Bengt Morten Sangolt (0.37 %).

All purchases will be carried out on behalf and for the account of the relevant employees, and OKEA will not acquire any own shares for treasury. All shares purchased will be held on a client account with Pareto until the purchases has been completed or terminated. The shares ultimately acquired will be subject to a 12-month lock-up period on certain terms.


Erik Haugane, CEO, 90721655

Ståle Myhre, VP Investor Relations, 91751878