This is OKEA - OKEA

This is OKEA

OKEA is a leading mid-to-late-life operator on the Norwegian continental shelf (NCS) with a current target production of 18 500 - 20 000 boe per day in 2022.

Our values


We dare to share info openly. We meet each other with understanding and positivity. We are always being honest. We dare to be proud. We drive clarity in what we say and do. We actively encourage collaboration.


We are always personally invested in our activities. We strive for development, improvement and innovation – both in OKEA and personally. We care about each other and how we work together.


We always act with integrity. We have ownership to own and joint results. We are reliable in our actions – do what we say we will do. We behave with respect when meeting others within and outside OKEA.


We aim high – together. We dare to take chances and innovate to drive progress. We actively work to improve ourselves and our colleagues. We are always willing to try new ways of working and new technology.

How we develop the resources on the Norwegian continental shelf

From the very start we have successfully done things differently. 

Safety first

A continous focus on HSEQ is necessary for our licence to operate. We always put the health and safety of people and the environment first. We align closely with the Norwegian authorities to carry out our activities in a safe and responsible manner.

Active and dynamic

We aim to simplify processes, make quick decisions and create alliances with our partners.  Cost-effective, safe development and operation of fields is key to succeed. With a highly skilled organisation coupled with direct management involvement we ensure operational excellence.

Unlocking value

Exploration and development of resources close to existing infrastructure is important to maximise the potential of our assets. By tying in new resources to the existing infrastructure we can reduce costs as well as the footprint of our operations.


We emphasise open collaboration with our partners, suppliers, and the authorities. Our competence, combined with the competence of our suppliers, ensure increased value creation through standardisation, optimisation of production, and the development of fields.

Our history

Every company starts with a vision. Ours was clear: To be the marginal field specialist on the Norwegian continental shelf.

OKEA was established in June 2015 by Ola Borten Moe, Knut Evensen, Erik Haugane and Anton Tronstad. Named after its founders, OKEA was founded with capital contributions from the founders and Seacrest Capital Group.

OKEA has more than 200 employees, including the offshore organisation at Draugen. The company’s head office is in Trondheim, while onshore operations for Draugen are managed in Kristiansund, with two smaller offices located in Stavanger and Oslo.

In 2020, Svein J. Liknes was appointed CEO, and in 2021 the company updated its strategy to become a mid-to-late-life operator​. Going forward, OKEA will continue strengthening its position on the NCS, seeking value where others divest.