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Travel offshore

Our Logistics department in Kristiansund supplying all Air operations for OKEA. Before travel offshore there are some information to know from request of travel to arrival destination. Please find alle necessary information below.

Our Logistics department in Kristiansund is responsible for all air operations for OKEA. Before travelling offshore, there are a number of things you need to know and prepare.

Before departure

All courses and personnel data must be registered/updated in DaWinci, which also gives you an overview of your own data, travel history etc.

Travel requirements

  • Basic safety course (GSK)
  • Offshore health certificate
  • Work permit (AT) and Safe Job Analysis (SJA)*

Draugen specific

  • GBS shaft for dedicated personnel in preparedness and project workers *

*Missing courses must be registered via Training Portal. Passed courses are automatically sent to Air Transport from the Training Portal.
Special guests may receive deviations from the above requirements.
For technical support, contact

Residence permit

Personnel outside UE/EEA need a residence permit when travelling to a fixed installation in production. More information can be found at UDI web page.

Valid identification (with optical element):

  • Passport
  • Drivers license (digital version can be used as emergency identification if another ID cannot be obtained. Requires verification)
  • National ID-card


Make sure you are at the heliport at least 60 minutes before departure. Follow the instructions at the heliport for check-in, bag drop, ID check/departure. In the event of announced delays, you must check in according to the regular departure or at short notice be ready for the new check-in time if changes occur. Helicopter departures can be followed at the heliport website.

  • Mobile phone must be switched off (flight mode not accepted) before checkpoint and should be kept inside of the suit, or stored in the luggage.
  • Medicine/dietary supplements must be in unsealed packaging with the prescription label or blister packaging. Fill in the medication form at the heliport and deliver it with your luggage at bag drop.
  • Luggage: Max weight and size per item, 10 Kg / 60x50x30 cm. Make sure that electronic equipment is packed properly.

Personal equipment/tools shall be checked in at the freight department no later than 1.5 hours before departure. Due to security reasons, it is not allowed to leave luggage in the open area. All luggage must be delivered to the bag drop.

NB! If your luggage is delayed, inform security control and fill in the form for delayed luggage. (Permission for inspection without presence).

Prohibited items:

An overview of prohibited and regulated items can be found in Norsk Offshore guideline 003 chapter 5. Items that are not defined in chapter 5 but are prohibited are:

  • Power banks
  • E-cigarettes
  • Drones (Must obtain an approved carry permit in advance.)

    Extra Lithium batteries for equipment can be brought (max. 2 pcs) under certain conditions (personal shipping) which must be agreed upon with the Helicopter operator.

Bag drop

After check-in, go to bag drop. You will not have access to your luggage after delivery. Do not put ID cards or money in your checked luggage.

ID control and secure zone

ID checks, passenger checks, and possible drug checks may be carried out in case of suspicion. 

In the secure zone, go to survival-suit delivery. Hearing protection will be issued for use when embarking / disembarking the helicopter. Follow further directions and go to gate for security film.

At the gate

Shoes (or jacket) should be placed in a dedicated shoe bag. No luggage is allowed in the helicopter cabin. Your mobile shall now be turned off (flight mode not accepted).

In the helicopter

During the helicopter flight, the helicopter company’s own headphones need to be used. Follow the instructions given by the pilots.

Arrival offshore

Follow the instructions from the helideck personnel. You will receive the necessary information on board the installation.

HSE Introduction

If you are new on board or it has been more than 12 months since your last stay, an additional HSE introduction will be given after arriving at the installation.

Each installation may have extra pre-flight HSE information, as mentioned below.

  • DRAUGEN:   HSE Introduction video. [NO] – [ENG]
  • BRAGE:         HSE Brage (Pre-flight meeting at Flesland Heliport)

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