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Supplier Info

Our suppliers are a prerequisite for us to be able to solve our tasks as an operator.

We view our suppliers as partners, colleagues and friends. A close and open relationship with our suppliers allows for safer, smarter and more efficient ways of working.

General Terms and Conditions

OKEA Terms and Conditions – linked Attachments below


Main address
OKEA ASA 915 419 062
Registered business address: Kongens gate 8, 7011 Trondheim, Norway
Mailing address: Kongens gate 8, 7011 Trondheim, Norway
Phone: +47 73 52 52 22
E-mail address:

Supply base Kristiansund
Delivery address and visit address OKEA on Vestbase:
Vestbase, Bygg 26
Omagata 122, 6517 Kristiansund N

Operation office Kristiansund
Visit address:
Råket 2, 6516 Kristiansund N
Mailing address:
Postboks 2244 Løkkemyra,
6503 Kristiansund N

Purchase order and Invoicing info

Purchase order
Questions regarding Purchase Order can be directed via e-mail to

OKEA will from 1st December 2018 send all Request for Quotations (RFQ) and Purchase Orders (PO) to suppliers through the e-commerce solution SISCommerce. This web portal is integrated with OKEA’s purchasing IT system. You will receive an email notification with a request to send your quote based upon received RFQ, or acceptance of PO. This can be done by logging into your SISCommerce account.

If you are a new SISCommerce user, you will receive information about the logon procedure directly from the portal. The use of the portal is free of charge for suppliers.

Please contact SISCommerce directly if you need support with login into or using the portal:, telephone number: +47 73 87 62 00.

More information can be found on:


OKEA requests our suppliers to use the EHF – Electronic Trading Format for electronic invoicing.

EHF-invoice to the correct entity/organizational number, as specified on PO:

  • OKEA ASA                                          915 419 062
  • OKEA – PL093 Draugen                 921 788 932
  • OKEA – PL038D Grevling               921 788 118
  • OKEA – PL958 Draugen East        922 575 940

Questions regarding invoices can be directed via e-mail to:

OKEA invoicing requirements
OKEA Invoicing requirements and methods

Packing and marking of deliveries
Materials and goods delivered, shall be properly packed and marked according to relevant industry standards, applicable laws and regulations, and instructions provided in Contract and Purchase orders. Shell’s marking instructions for supplies to Draugen may be used until further notice, see attached document.

At a later stage, we will present an updated packing and labelling guidance on