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Privacy Policy

When you are in contact with OKEA on the web, you provide OKEA with information about you. Our Privacy Statement tells you which information we collect, how we do it, and what we may use this information for.

OKEA does not collect any personal information

In brief, we do not collect any information about you through that can be traced back to you as individual. We use Google Analytics, but all data through this service is anonymized.

What is personal information?

Personal information or data is information that can be linked to you, such as name, telephone number and email. How you use a website can also be regarded as personal information. For example, what you have clicked on, newsletters you subscribe to, and who you give “likes” to.

Information we collect through cookies

To get to know how people use and interact with our website, we collect data by using information capsules (cookies). We use the analysis tool Google Analytics for this. We get information about for instance what time of the day and which web pages are visited, and how long users stay there. We do not store any personal information about this.

Google Analytics uses information capsules; small text files that the website stores on your computer. To ensure your privacy we use anonymizeIP, a function that makes all personal information which can identify you, including IP address, anonymized.

LinkedIn Insight Tag and Facebook Pixel

We use cookies from LinkedIn and Facebook to gain more insight into the impact of our activity on social media. In addition, we want to have the opportunity to use targeted marketing in future recruitment campaigns.

Facebook and LinkedIn receive information about your visit to This information is used in their analytic tools and also for retargeting, providing the ability to target ads later on. The information that is shared includes the IP address, time of the visit, and which pages have been visited. According to the privacy policies of Facebook and LinkedIn, no data is collected that can identify you as an individual.

Read more about Facebook’s cookies, and how to make a reservation.

Here you can opt-out of LinkedIn’s targeted ads.

On you can read about cookies and how you can administer them in your own browser.

Information needed in order to recieve newsletter from OKEA

You can sign up to a newsletter on Here you select type of newsletter and name (not mandatory). OKEA does not store this information itselves.

There are two lists to you can sign up for; Stories & News and Investor News.

Stories & News is managed by MailChimp, the email address will be stored in MalilChimp’s system. See MailChimp’s privacy policy for more information.

Investor News is managed by Cision, and the email address will be stored in Cision’s system. See Cision’s privacy policy for more information.

You can at any time stop these sign up services

Information in contact form

You can send messages to OKEA from the contact form. You will need to enter your name, email and message text. The message will be sent as an email to the company’s management and will be treated as all other emails sent to the company.


If you have questions about and privacy, please contact:

Birte Norheim
+47 952 93 321