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Draugen is an oil field with associated gas in the southern part of the Norwegian sea. The water depth in the area is 250 metres. Draugen was discovered in 1984 by Shell, the plan for development and operation (PDO) was approved in 1988, and with production start in 1993.

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  • Petoro AS
  • M Vest Energy AS
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6407/9 - 6407/12


44.56 %




The field was developed using a fixed concrete facility with integrated topside and production is from both platform and subsea wells. Stabilised oil is stored in tanks at the base of the facility. Two pipelines connect the facility to a floating loading-buoy.


Draugen produces oil from two formations. The main reservoir is in sandstone of late jurassic age (the rogn formation) while the Western part of the field also produces from sandstone of Middle Jurassic age (the garn formation). The reservoirs lie at a depth of 1,600 metres, are of good quality and relatively homogeneous across the field.


The field is produced by pressure maintenance from water injection and by aquifer support.


The oil is offloaded via a floating loading-buoy and exported by tankers. Associated gas is currently used for power generation.


Since taking over the operatorship of Draugen in 2018, OKEA has been able to reduce downtime and optimize production and by that delivered a production reliability of 99% in 2020. In 2020, OKEA initiated an improvement project targeting increase in production volumes and reduction in expenditure to secure long-term economic robustness of the Draugen asset. Several initiatives were implemented already in 2020, including implementing “normal” and “peak” activity periods offshore, with the impact of lower manning offshore in the winter season and consequently less frequent helicopter and supply vessel departures and improved planning and execution of activities. Further initiatives are under development and will be implemented during 2021.