Harmonie Wiesenberg - OKEA

Harmonie Wiesenberg

A burning interest in geology and nature brought Harmonie to Norway. A perfect work-life balance made her stay.

Harmonie Wiesenberg


Lead Geologist, Subsurface & Wells, Trondheim

Master of Petroleum Geology

Who are you?
I’m a French woman, who moved to Norway because of job opportunities after my geology studies. Now I have found my place here. I am now married to German and we have a young son together. I’m very fond of various types of cultures and people, so living a life with my feet placed in three countries, with colleagues from all over the world, suits me perfectly. 

What was your way like into OKEA?
I wanted to work in petroleum geology, and my first stop was Statoil, in 2007. It was a good place to start considering Statoil’s expertise, size and environmental view. But then in 2016 I was tempted by the entrepreneurial nature of OKEA.

“I was tempted by the entrepreneurial nature of OKEA. The people who work here are very skilled, dedicated people who want to achieve something.”

What does a typical working day look like?
Every day starts with a plan and a few tasks that need to be done. I often work on parallel projects, so there are a few team meetings as well; some with colleagues in Norway, others with participants abroad. Many meetings are technical where we solve something together, whereas others are focused on status reporting, what challenges we encounter in our projects, how we are in relation to the progress plan and issues like that. The best thing about OKEA is that I am faced with so many different types of tasks and that the days are so varied. I work on several fields operated by OKEA or partners, and on fields in production, field development or exploration. 

Can you tell us a little bit about why you like working in OKEA?
The people! My colleagues! The people who work here are very skilled, dedicated people who all want to achieve something. The job involves such a great variety of tasks and I really appreciate that each individual is given so much responsibility.

And when you are not working?
Since I’m so interested in and fond of nature, it also occupies a large part of my spare time. I have actually planted 3,000 peonies in a field in Malvik. I love seeing the different seasons reflected in the field. Otherwise, I spend a lot of time with my family, travel to France and Germany, read, go skiing, do some free-diving and try to have some good dinners with friends.