OKEA AS - Extraordinary general meeting on 1 November 2018 - OKEA

OKEA AS – Extraordinary general meeting on 1 November 2018


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OKEA AS held an extraordinary general meeting on 1 November 2018 at 17.00 in their office at 10 Ferjemannsveien, 7042 Trondheim where the following was decided:

• The Company’s share capital was increased from NOK 4,030,306 to NOK 8,220,450 through the issue of 3,129,245 ordinary shares and 901,061 shares in a new share class A-shares. Bothe at par value of NOK 1, but A-shares without voting rights.
• The new shares will be subscribed in a private placement to BCPR Pte Ltd at a subscription price of NOK 231,46.
• In Article of Association, the number of board members was adjusted to from 3 to 11.
• Two new board members was elected effective from the date of the registration of the new share capital: Chaiwat Kovavisarach (President of Bangchak Cooperation Ltd.) and Michael Willian Fisher (Executive Vice President, Bangchak Cooperation Ltd.)

All resolutions were unanimous.

The minutes from the Extraordinary General Meeting are attached.