OKEA ASA - Audit on Maintenance Management of Draugen by Petroleum Safety Authority Norway - OKEA

OKEA ASA – Audit on Maintenance Management of Draugen by Petroleum Safety Authority Norway

OKEA well under way to implement improvements related to maintenance management according to notification of order issued by PSA.


(Published 11th July 2019)

The Petroleum Safety Authority carried out a comprehensive audit related to management of maintenance on Draugen in March and April 2019. The final audit report has identified 10 deviations and 1 recommendation for improvement, and OKEA has been given a “Notification of order” in relation to two (2) of the deviations with a deadline for correction within 2nd December 2019. More specifically, the deviations connected to the Notification of order relates to identified deficiencies in:

a) management system and governing documents for maintenance management, and

b) system for planned maintenance applied for the Draugen installation

Both elements above are a result of challenges experienced in relation to transfer of the Draugen maintenance management system from previous Operator to OKEA, and is well acknowledged by the OKEA organisation as this has been one of the key area for further improvement in 2019.  

OKEA has since the Transition of Draugen Operatorship from previous Operator to OKEA in 2018 continuously worked to ensure implementation of post-transition improvement measures related to maintenance management, a work that has been further intensified after the Audit carried out by the PSA. This work is included in OKEA’s continuous improvement activity plan for 2019 and target 1) improvement of governing documentation related to maintenance, 2) improvement of the planned maintenance system applied for the Draugen installation and 3) detailed plan for addressing specific findings noted in the audit report. OKEA’s continuous improvement plan will secure compliance with the notification of order issued by PSA within December 2019 as defined by the authorities.

All documentation related to the Audit will be made available at PSAs homepage www.ptil.no 

OKEA has been subject to a number of regulatory audits following the transfer of Operatorship for the Draugen installation. OKEA considers such audits as good input for learning and experience transfer, and a good opportunity to continuously improve our processes and systems.

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