OKEA Technology Day - OKEA

OKEA Technology Day

OKEA's technology strategy ensures that technology supports the realisation of our vision to be the leading mid- to late-life operator on the NCS.

We want to use new technology to ensure that we operate our assets as efficiently as possible and continuously improve.

To learn what new technology is available on the market within our segment, we want to invite selected vendors to an OKEA technology day.

To limit the scope, we are looking for new technology that can be used within topside operations and/or maintenance of our operated assets.

The technology should be sufficiently mature to be used immediately. It could also be well-known technology used in a new way or technology from other sectors not previously used in oil and gas.

We want your proposal for relevant new technology to be sent to ragnhild.aas@okea.no. The proposal should include a maximum of 1-2 slides and describe specifically why this product is useful for operations and maintenance of our operated assets, preferably also including a rough business case. We will then invite the vendors with the most interesting proposals to meet us at the OKEA technology day.

We would like to have your proposals by the end of June 2024.

The OKEA Technology Day will be held in Q3 2024, and we will inform the selected participants about the location and provide more details about the date/time.